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TCPCA identifies the best strategy, approach and implementation timing
for our clients with a total focus on delivery
We provide practical hands-on guidance at every step of the process, from identifying opportunities to closing terms of the transaction

TCPCA provides corporate advisory services on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other forms of strategic investment in the GCC. We have no affiliations to any corporate finance or banking groups and are therefore able to offer independent and objective advice.

TCPCA builds collaborative partnerships with its clients. We develop a detailed understanding of our clients' needs and match them with our broad experience of commercial and investment markets and extensive network of partners in the region.

We tailor our services to meet the bespoke needs of clients

Our international clients operate across a range of industries and have diverse strategic objectives for growth. TCPCA customizes its services to cater to any client requirement. However, typically our work falls into one of two categories below:

  • Inbound mandates with western / international clients looking to diversify their geographic exposure and,
  • Outbound projects with local investors and entrepreneurs seeking to explore international growth outside the region


We match our clients with the right local partner and opportunity

TCPCA follows a proven approach when evaluating the commercial viability of an opportunity for its clients. This includes, but is not limited to, :

  • Completing a market feasibility study in the clients' industry / sector of interest
  • Organizing trips to the region to meet with investors, potential partners and key business and government decision-makers
  • Managing the transaction structure and terms, guiding the negotiation process and finalizing the transaction.



"I wanted to personally thank Eric for a tremendous week. You exceeded my expectations.....It is very apparent that your knowledge and relationships in the region are genuine and deep."   European Vice President and Head of Corporate Development for Fortune 50 Food and Drug Store

Please contact us for client references, testimonials and more information on how TCPCA can support your business in exploring opportunities in the GCC.